February 15, 2016

Monday Motivation

Unfortunately for Mondays, they are probably the most hated day of the week. After the weekend, I can't blame people for not welcoming the week back with open arms. I find that Mondays typically just seem to pass a little slower and require an extra cup of coffee (or two) to get through the day.

I have been dreading this Monday a little bit more than usual because it meant the start of one very busy and stressful week of classes. For those of you still in college, or recent graduates I'm sure you all know the kind of week I am talking about - the one where every exam in every class just happens to fall in that one week (aka hell). On the plus side, time doesn't stop, the week passes, and you make it out alive. However, in the moment it is easy to forget that, especially when the stress seems too much to handle. I am sure that at some point everyone has been in the same situation where all you can do is question what you have gotten yourself into, why you are doing this to yourself, and maybe even if this will ever really be worth it. Find comfort in knowing that almost everyone has been in that place before, they all made it out alive, and you will too. It will all be okay even when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

For me, words have always been something that have resonated with me and that I have been able to relate to. I wanted to share a quote with you on this Monday that made me feel a whole lot better about this crazy, chaotic week of mine. So here it is.. 

"I hope the universe blesses you with a moment of peace this week. You are doing the right thing and you are going to be okay."

Something about those words made me feel better. Not only did they help calm down the thousands of thoughts in my head, but they made me think. I found a lot of truth in those two sentences. I will be okay - we will all be okay. And maybe you will be lucky and the universe will grant you a moment of peace this week, but also maybe not. What's important is that even if the universe doesn't give you a moment of peace, you can give yourself one. In the moments of chaos don't forget to do the things that bring you peace and keep you grounded. Go for a run, read a book, do some yoga - whatever it is that keeps you happy. Even if it is just for twenty minutes. A happy you will be the best version of yourself to take on the craziness the week has to throw at you. 

I hope on this Monday night you can find some peace in those words. Whether it is school, your job, or even just life throwing a lot at you. Just take a breath and remember "you are doing the right thing, and you are going to be okay." 

p.s. Monday is almost over. Yay! 

xo. G

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