August 25, 2017

Friday Finds No. 21

Happy Friday friends and long time now see! Sorry for being a little bit M.I.A as of late - between end of summer festivities and work it's been harder to bring you fresh content, but I promise to be better! A little hiatus has helped fuel the creative fire in me and I can't wait to bring new exciting posts to Faith & Fancy as summer nears a close and fall starts to roll in. Stay tuned!

August 17, 2017

August Wish List

As the days start to get a little bit shorter and the nights start to have a little bit more chill to them, I find myself reaching for the things I will miss most once the seasons change. August days are some of my favorite but each passing day is a bittersweet reminder that our summer days will soon run out long before we are ready. And with that, I find myself soaking up all the summer things - food, activities, and of course, that summer attire. The easy, breezy, carefree look that can only be found between the months of June and August is one of my favorites. It is and always will be my season of preference, especially when it comes to creating the perfect summertime look.