October 18, 2019

Curating a Fresh Wardrobe for Fall

I think I speak for many when I say fall is one of my favorite seasons to shop & dress for. As far as fall in the Northeast goes, you get a little bit of everything - it could be 90 degrees one day and 60 the next (hello October in NYC), or it could snow - you never really know! It's always a little unpredictable, but that's also what makes it kind of great. A well put together fall wardrobe is made up of a little bit of everything, from dresses to sweaters, denim to leather, and mules to boots.

As the seasons have changed, so has my mindset in regards to how I want to shop for not only this season, but all to come. I've had a shift in how I want to curate my seasonal wardrobes from here on out. My plan moving forward is to be more mindful and selective about the pieces I am purchasing, and to select timeless, quality pieces that I will reach for again and again. It is my hope that these pieces will have a place in my wardrobe for years to come! Selecting classic, versatile pieces allows for a ton of creativity when putting together looks & the options are truly endless.

October 02, 2019

Hello October

Hello again! I always forget how busy & jam packed (in the best possible ways) summer is! This summer was one for the books - many beach days, time with family and friends, R&R, and all the good things that come along with the summer months. It's always hard to part with summer but this rings especially true after a summer as great as this past one was!