May 31, 2017

Straw Market Bags

I first discovered my love of straw market bags in the French Riviera while roaming through the most incredible open air market. The market was filled with every desirable provision you could imagine - fresh flowers, tables full of the most aromatic spices, handmade soaps, jellies and jams ... I could go on and on. And just so perfectly placed adjacent to the market was the cutest little shop selling the quintessential French straw market bags. The second I laid eyes on the classic straw tote I knew one had to be mine. I didn't care that I still had a week left in Europe or a long trip back to the States, it was coming home with me! 

May 30, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

I've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on decisions lately. More specifically the power and weight one choice, small or large, has on potentially the trajectory of the rest of your life. Some may say well of course, every decision we make at any point in life is equally important in determining the outcome of the rest of our lives. This is true, the sum of all those decisions is what make up life, however I'm sure I speak for many twenty-somethings when I say that the choices we face at this point in our lives seem like some of the most crucial. That the decisions we make now are highly significant in determining the path our lives take. And man oh man, is that a lot of pressure.

May 29, 2017

Summertime Style

Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all have had and are having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend Nothing better than a three day weekend spent celebrating with friends and family. Memorial Day has always been a favorite of mine because it is the unofficial kickoff of summer, and what could be better than that. This weekend was extra special because it was spent celebrating my beautiful cousin as she got to marry the love of her life. It was absolutely beautiful and I am so blessed to have been part of her special day.

May 19, 2017

Friday Finds No. 19

Hi friends, happy Friday!! It's an absolutely beautiful one here in Connecticut - I hope you are soaking up the sunshine and warm weather! It feels like summer, and this girl is very happy. The weather is looking pretty great for the weekend as well (!!). I hope you have some fun plans to make the most of it. I have a relaxing weekend in store, which I am welcoming with open arms after a very busy past weekend, but I am definitely planning on spending much of it outside. As always, I hope you have a fabulous Friday and an even better weekend. Enjoy!

May 16, 2017

Day to Night Look

Hi friends, hope your week is off to a great start! I wanted to share with you all how I do a day-to-night look because I feel like transitioning an outfit from day to night can be a bit tricky! How do you put together an outfit that is appropriate for both coffee with your girlfriends and drinks & dinner with your man? A bit challenging, sure, but also something that can easily be mastered! I am thrilled to share with you some of my tricks for transitioning from day to night, and I am certain you'll be a pro in no time at all. Let's do it! 

May 09, 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide!

Is it me, or is shopping for moms one of the hardest things to do!? These ladies seriously have everything! I know my mother does at least, which makes it extra tricky come birthdays, Christmas, and especially Mother's Day. However, they truly deserve a little something as a token of appreciation for all that they do for us on a daily basis. It never ceases to amaze me - they truly are wonder women. 

May 03, 2017

Spring Wishlist!

Guys all of the spring collections out right now are just too good! It's so dangerous, I seriously want it all. I am really testing my self control these days - so far so good! I think shopping for the spring season is one of my favorites. After a long winter of being bundled up and bulky clothing, there is nothing better than purchasing some new, fresh, and light spring pieces. Pretty dainty jewelry like the necklaces from AUrate are the perfect addition to your spring wardrobe. The great thing too is that for the most part spring pieces transition well right into summer, so you're really getting two seasons worth of wear out of them. Can't beat that! Just another reason to stock up now.. am I right? Sounds good to me! 

May 01, 2017

Hello May!

I can hardly believe that I am even writing this post! How is it already May, I can't even believe it. Despite my disbelief, I am so happy to see you May. As per usual, April was rainy and I spent most of it wondering if I would ever see the sun again. I feel like the nice weather finally rolls around for good with the arrival of May. Finger crossed at least!  Not only that, but Memorial day is the unofficial start of summer, and it will be here before we know it. Yay!