May 30, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

I've been doing a lot of thinking and reflecting on decisions lately. More specifically the power and weight one choice, small or large, has on potentially the trajectory of the rest of your life. Some may say well of course, every decision we make at any point in life is equally important in determining the outcome of the rest of our lives. This is true, the sum of all those decisions is what make up life, however I'm sure I speak for many twenty-somethings when I say that the choices we face at this point in our lives seem like some of the most crucial. That the decisions we make now are highly significant in determining the path our lives take. And man oh man, is that a lot of pressure.

A group of friends and I, all young twenty-somethings, were talking about exactly this recently - about how these decisions we are facing in the coming days, weeks, and years feel like such huge decisions, not because they necessarily are, but just because of the weight they hold. Each decisions sets us up for the rest of our lives, in some respect or another. Even the decisions made that maybe end up being the wrong decisions. But at the end of it all, are wrong decisions really all that bad after all? If they teach us something, show us a different perspective, or maybe give us clarity of the direction in which we are meant to be headed. Not so bad after all - I think mistakes and wrong decisions are often synonymous with opportunities for growth, so really why put so much pressure on ourselves to make the 'right decision'. Is there even such a thing?

This pressure we put on ourselves stems from this fear of making a mistake... that one wrong choice will define the rest of our lives. Writing that out on paper makes me realize how crazy it sounds, but when you're living in the moment and faced with those big decisions, that is how it can often feel.

So what do we do.. We want to have a map, or magic ball to show us the way, to tell us the future. Am I right..? Sadly not the case, but honestly for the best. What's the fun in knowing what the course of your life will be? Life is an adventure and the beautiful thing about this life is that we have the power to make it anything we want it to be. Nothing is, nor ever will be, set in stone. We can make a decision and then change our minds as many times as possible until we get it right. It's a beautiful thing having the power to decide what we want in this life of ours. Scary? A little, but beautiful nonetheless.Take comfort in knowing we are all figuring it out as we go.

At the end of the day, I say we make decisions based on what is going to bring the most happiness, the most fulfillment, and the most bliss.  Don't worry so much about that scary unknown future, and just worry about the now. If we're being completely honest, the future is no guarantee for any of us, so we might as well make decisions that serve to help us live our most true, authentic life. Of course still well-thought out, but ones that contribute to being our best, happiest selves right here and right now. The rest will fall into place. Of that, I am certain - it always does.

xo. G 

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