August 31, 2021

I'm Running a Marathon!

I'm running a marathon!! 

After many years of waiting, I can't believe I finally get to say that I am doing it! And not just any marathon, but the 50th New York City Marathon. I get to run through the streets of the city I call home, that I love more than anything else, and I get to do it with friends and family on the sidelines. It is truly going to be so special. I'm so excited it is finally happening, I think I could shout it from the rooftops! 

If you know me well, or if you've been following along here on Faith & Fancy for a while, then you know that this has been a huge bucket list item for me for many years now. I ran my first 13.1 back in 2014, and many more half marathons were run in the years that followed. Although I can't pinpoint exactly when I decided I wanted to go for the full 26.2, it was at some-point between the years of 2014 and 2016. On June 2, 2016 I published this post - 101 in 1001 - a list of 101 things I wanted to accomplish in 1001 days. Running a marathon was on the top of the list.