December 30, 2020

All the Things Twenty Twenty Taught Me

Twenty twenty has been a lot of things, but as I reflect back, teacher feels like the most appropriate title. The past twelve months have taught me more about myself, this world, and all the people in it than any other year to date. Maybe even more than a lot of years combined. 

It is often the hardest years that have the most to offer us in terms of personal growth & learning. Twenty twenty takes the cake here. I know I am not the only one who has grown & evolved as a person. To be honest, I think we have collectively grown as humanity. I can't help but think that all this year taught us, has changed us for the better. This gives me immense hope. 

I of course cannot speak for all of humanity, but I can speak for myself. So without further ado, here are some of the biggest lessons from this past year. 

December 28, 2020

A Photo Worth a Thousand Words

So many times in the last ten months I've gone back to this picture. 

At first, it was because the moment in which this picture was taken was the last "normal" memory I have from this year. I went back to it time and time again to try to remember what normal was. To try to remember what life was like before. To try to evoke happier memories. I remember being so happy when this photo was taken. That smile is pure joy, pure happiness. There is no stress, no heaviness, no anxiety. This photo represented normalcy. I kept going back to it because I was desperately nostalgic for life before covid.

December 20, 2020

All the Best Holiday Candles

You might remember that back in May I shared my favorite springtime candles here on Faith & Fancy. Well, if you enjoyed that, then I'm back with a very similar post for you - holiday candles! Second to my springtime candles, holiday scents are some of my favorites! They just evoke all the best Christmas memories & you can't help but smile when smelling them. 

December 11, 2020

For Her

Truth be told, this year I was initially planning on doing both a gift guide for her and a gift guide based on all my favorite things, but they basically ended up morphing into one! So here you have it, a gift guide for her inspired by all my favorite things. There's not one gift in this guide that isn't something I own and love, or alternatively something I know I would love. It is because of this that I am confident you will find something perfect for all the ladies in your life! 

December 09, 2020

December 07, 2020

For Him

Kicking off this year's holiday gift guides with a shop for the guys! I think this is the first year I've shared a men's gift guide before sharing one for the ladies, which is ironic since I have no men to shop for this year other than my father (hey dad!). I was feeling super inspired so we're just rolling with it!