October 02, 2019

Hello October

Hello again! I always forget how busy & jam packed (in the best possible ways) summer is! This summer was one for the books - many beach days, time with family and friends, R&R, and all the good things that come along with the summer months. It's always hard to part with summer but this rings especially true after a summer as great as this past one was!

The cherry on top of the summer was ending it with quite literally one of the most incredible trips to France and Italy. It was one of the best trips to date & I am still not over the fact that it came and went so fast. I will keep the many memories close to my heart in the months that follow, and quite honestly forever. I have a lot I want, and am planning, to share here on Faith & Fancy and I can't wait to dive into that content... stay tuned!

To be honest it took me a couple weeks following that trip to get back into the swing of things and accept the end of summer, but I am finally so ready to say hello to fall! Thank God for the autumn months - it makes saying goodbye to summer sting a little bit less! I really do love this time of year, and am looking forward to so many thing in the months to come.

I always love the fresh start that comes with a new month or new season, and this fall I am looking forward to it more than I can express. After those busy summer months described above, and spending half of September in Europe, I am welcoming the slower pace of this season with wide open arms. I hope that these autumn months offer you whatever your heart has been yearning for. Enjoy.

Things I'm Looking Forward to this Fall 

A slower pace 
Ringing in 26!
Cozy football Sundays 
A new fall read
Denim days
Getting back into a routine
The return of red wine season
Crisp fall mornings 
Curating a fresh fall wardrobe 

What inspires you in the fall months..?

xo. G 


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  2. Scarves and sweaters, definitely red wine, fall foliage drives, waking in the leaves and listing to the LINUS AND LUCY soundtrack!!!

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