August 26, 2016

Friday Finds No. 8

Happy Friday!! After a crazy busy week I am welcoming the weekend with open arms. I can't even believe I am saying this, but it was officially my last week of nursing school!! The past year has truly flown by, and the fact that it is over is really hard to believe. Completing a one year nursing program was most certainly not the easiest and at times seemed impossible, but here I am almost 365 days later able to happily say I did it! Now it is time to celebrate my accomplishments and enjoy before I take off to explore Europe! 

I hope you find yourself this weekend doing something to enjoy one of the last weekends of summer. Get out there and soak it all in while you still can. Enjoy! 

NYC Rooftop Bars // With Labor Day quickly approaching, now is the time to soak up as much of the rest of summer as we can. To me this means doing as many summer activities as possible before fall is upon us! One of my favorite things to do is grab an evening cocktail somewhere you can take full advantage of the weather on a beautiful summer night. The perfect spot for that is most definitely a rooftop bar, and with views of Manhattan you just can't go wrong. If you're in the NYC area you have to check out these fun spots!

Going Out Looks from Around the World // How cool is this!? Finding out the right 'going out' look can sometimes be a struggle, and in college my girlfriends and I were constantly searching each other's closets for something new to wear out. If I'm being honest sometimes I liked getting ready to go out more than I actually liked the night itself (shh don't tell). In any event, each weekend I seemed to be wearing the same variation of the same type of outfit... and so was every other girl for that matter. I thought it was so interesting to see how other parts of the world dress to go out! Maybe from now on I will be inspired to try something new from these international looks.

10 Ways to Wake Up without Coffee // If I'm being honest the name of this article made me cringe a little bit, and I honestly didn't feel that strong of an urge to read it. The idea of waking up in the morning and not having coffee sounds god awful if you ask me. I love my coffee and I most certainly need it to help get my day off to a good start! However, sometimes I do wonder what it would be like to not have to rely on coffee to get me up in the morning. Although I am not quite at the point to give it a try yet, all the tips still seemed like good things to incorporate into your morning routine...with or without coffee!

xo. G 

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