September 02, 2016

Au Revoir, Ciao, See Ya Later!

Today's the day! After months of anticipation, I am thrilled to finally be starting the adventure of a lifetime. As I write this post from JFK airport, I am most certainly feeling all sorts of emotions. Of course there are nerves that accompany leaving behind your life in America for a month, but I am more than anything excited! I cannot wait to finally have the opportunity to see the world, and to have experiences that only traveling can provide. I am wide eyed and ready to take it all in and make the absolute most of every single second!

As much as I would love to, it will not be possible for me to post regularly over the next thirty days, but will try my best (with limited wi-fi) to post updates as often as I can. I promise to take it all in, take lots of pictures, and journal along the way so that I can come up with some amazing content and a trip review when I get back! Feel free to follow along on Instagram - I promise to post lots of pictures!

As always thank you all so much for following along! It means the world to me. I cannot wait to go explore the world and report back my adventures to all of you.

See you soon!

xo. G 

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