December 31, 2018

A Look Back at Twenty Eighteen

As I lay here on this last day of 2018, I can't help but feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude for this past year. For everything that it was and wasn't, for all the milestones it contained, for the many miles traveled & adventures lived, for all the dreams achieved, lessons learned, and most importantly for all the people I am so lucky to be surrounded by.

To say I am lucky is an understatement at best.

I strongly believe that every year that passes by is something to be thankful for. When you strip it down and take out all the living that has been done, every year is really just a new chance. An opportunity to get to live life to it's fullest and do the things that mean the most to you. Having that opportunity yearly is a blessing, but in reality we get that opportunity three hundred and sixty five times a year, and that to me is something even bigger to be grateful for.

At my core I believe in making the most of every second we are given here, of taking every chance and opportunity that comes our way, and saying yes to all the things that bring fulfillment, joy, and love to our lives. There is no excuse good enough to not do just that with the time you have here.

I think I feel this very overwhelming sense of gratefulness to twenty eighteen because I feel like that is exactly what I did this year. I packed this year to the brim with moments, days, and experiences that made me so thankful to be alive and as I sit back and take in all the things that make up the year I can't help but feel this overwhelming sense of joy. I'm learning that being grateful and being happy go hand in hand.

Twenty Eighteen, I can't thank you enough, but I am going to try.

Thank you for the beginning of what I know will be a lifelong love affair with Charleston, for reminding me of what I deserve, and for teaching me the future can be whatever I want it to be. Thank you for many lesson on the importance of being brave, of relentlessly chasing after what you want, and of appreciating the good things while you have them. Thank you New York for being everything I could have imagined and more, and for truly making me the happiest girl.

Thank you for helping me discover my love for yoga, rediscover my love for Disney, and for sending me on the path of rediscovering what I want my career to look like. Thank you for continuing to show me the magic of traveling, for reminding me how incredible this world is, and for many, many adventures. Thank you for continuing to allow me to evolve and grow. Thank you for giving me the courage to never settle and to never ever give up on my dreams.

Thank you for my health and my body that allowed me to teach my first ever spin class, to walk many miles around the world, and to care for my patients. Thank you for reinforcing my beliefs that everything happens for a reason, that family is everything, and that New York City is the most magical place on earth. Thank you for new friends & old, and for showing me time and time again that God puts people into your life at exactly the right time.

Thank you for every single memory, pinch me moment, laugh, cry, and smile of twenty eighteen. I will remember this year fondly. These are all those gratitude inducing moments. They may belong to 2018, but they will forever be a part of me. I can't thank you enough, 2018.

I've learned a lot in the past three hundred and sixty five days, but most importantly I've been taught to keep making the most of every year. If at the end of every year, I can feel this overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude, than I know I am doing something right. And I believe that a culminations of these types of year is what makes for a very happy life.

Happy New Year's Eve everyone!  I hope you are ringing in the new year with gratitude in your heart and with the hope that accompanies the start of a new year!

Hello 2019! 

xo. G 

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