June 21, 2019

Summer 2019 Bucket List

Happy first day of summer everyone!! As I sit here and write this post, I am coming to the realization that this day, June 21st, is honestly one of my favorite days of the year. Of course as the first day of summer this may seem obvious, I mean who doesn't love today, but I really think it makes my top three favorite days of the year. 

It represents the start of some of the most magical months of the year that contain everything that makes my heart so happy. There are so so many things to look forward to in the long summer days that are to come & to celebrate that I am sharing just some of the many things I am planning on accomplishing this season!

Welcome back summer! I think I can confidently speak for many when I say we are so happy to see you. Cheers to one of the best summers yet!


1. Find the best lobster roll in New York City
2. Take a trip to the Hamptons 
3. Finish five new summer reads
4. Spend a night or two at the Ocean House!
5. Go to an outdoor concert 
6. Host a backyard bash in Connecticut
7. Visit W├Âlffer Estate Winery
8. Check out a new-to-me beach
9. Perfect a homemade spicy margarita recipe
10. Squeeze in as many Yankees games as I can
11. Explore new outdoor bars & rooftops in the City 
12. Find the perfect key lime pie recipe 

What's on your summer to-do list!?

xo. G

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