July 23, 2019

My Summer Reading List!

I love to read all year round, but let's face it, something about reading in the summer just makes it that much better! Whether you're on the beach (personal fav!), by the pool, or on a porch sipping your morning coffee (another favorite ha), having a book in hand or nearby makes summer that much sweeter!

My goal this summer is to read as many of the books on my list as I can, and so far I'm off to a good start! Being on vacation is always a great excuse to relax and read as much as possible, and I am taking advantage of all the free time this week. So far, I've finished two books since being home in Connecticut, started a new one, and picked up some new reads along the way! I'm very happy about all of the above!

In case you're on the hunt for a new summer read, or just want to keep some new books on hand for the summer months, here are all the books that made the cut for my summer reading list! Admittedly, that list somehow continues to keep growing as I discover more and more amazing books!

Happy Reading! 


What is on your summer reading list!?

xo. G 

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