November 27, 2019

26 Things About Me

In honor of turning 26 this month, I thought it would be fun to share 26 things about me. So without further adieu, here are some fun facts you may or may not know about me. Enjoy!

  1. Gretchen means pearl, which explains my not so slight obsession with them! 
  2. Google Flights is probably my most frequented website. What can I say, I'm always searching for my next adventure! 
  3. My very first jobs were working retail at Ralph Lauren and J. Crew! How I ended up going into health care is something I still haven't totally figured out! 
  4. Growing up I was a multi year state & regional champion, and placed top 10 nationally in the sport of gymnastics. 
  5. I have been to twelve countries! 
  6. I have run 5 half marathons & a full marathon is on my bucket list! 
  7. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite Broadway musical. 
  8. I have two bachelors degrees - one in biology and one in nursing. 
  9. If I weren't a nurse I would be... something that involves my creative side! An interior designer, a wedding planner, or some career in fashion are just a few ideas!
  10. I mostly go by Gretch - G, Stretch, GG, little G are among other nicknames - It is rare to hear someone call me by my full name! 
  11. Paris, New York, and Charleston are my happy places.
  12. I am a sucker for a perfectly designed bathroom.
  13. I am technically a Scorpio, but I really think I should have been born a Libra. I could be the poster child for Libras! 
  14. In college, I transferred to the University of Connecticut as a junior, stayed there for one semester, only to transfer right back to Springfield College!
  15. If I could speak any other language it would hands down be French! It is such a beautiful, romantic language, I just love it! 
  16. I am a professional newborn swaddler - I can thank my job as a maternity nurse for that! 
  17. Although I don't currently use it, I am a certified spin instructor.
  18. I am a born & raised New Englander, and a New Yorker by choice.
  19. I am 5 foot even! 
  20. I was voted most athletic in high school.
  21. Summer Wind by Frank Sinatra is one of my favorite songs.
  22. If I had to choose my signature scent, it would be Chance by Chanel.
  23. My middle name is Regina - if you are a fan of the movie Mean Girls, then you'll get a kick out of my name being Gretchen Regina .. 
  24. The first time I went to Europe as an adult was for 30 days with 40 strangers, and it was one of the best month's of my life.
  25.  In another life I think I was a flight attendant - I love airports, planes, and everything about air travel.  
  26. The three bracelets I wear on my left wrist have all been gifted to me by my parents - one for my 18th birthday, one for my 21st, and one for my 25th - and I never take them off!

 xo. G

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