June 15, 2020

New York or Nowhere

Back in March at the beginning of quarantine, my mom asked me if the Covid situation changed my thoughts on living in New York. I immediately shot back, "No. Absolutely not."

Four months later & that answer remains the same, even stronger now than then. Covid never for a second made me question my decision to live in a big city - the big city nonetheless. If anything it has only confirmed my absolute love and adoration for this place. A place that no matter what gets thrown it’s way, fights back and comes back stronger than ever.

It has been an honor to be here in the city I call my home, but also to stay in support of New York. To not retreat to the so called safety of the suburbs. It goes without saying that I miss my family & wish I could see them more frequently,  but there is nowhere else I would rather be than here in my amazing, relentless, magical city.

Being here at such a time as this has been a privilege. To see history unfold right before my eyes, and to be a part of it. To be a New Yorker. Growing up outside of the city, and only having lived here for just shy of two years, I haven’t yet felt like that was something I could truly identify with. But this experience has made me feel more like a New Yorker than ever before, and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.

Looking back at the last four months, I can't help but feel that it has been pretty special to have experienced this first hand. In twenty years to be able to look back on this & say I was there. I lived that. I was a helper. I clapped & heard the cheers at 7 pm every night. I saw so much good amidst so much fear and unknown. This city came together and fought back. And fought back hard, because that's just what we do. This is New York after all.

Since the beginning of March, there has been this unspoken unity in the air - we are millions of strangers, but we are in this together. We are all fighting for the same common goal. Fighting for this city and for each other. It's the same unspoken but completely tangible love we all have for this city. If you're a New Yorker, whether forever or just for a little while, you just know it.

I've been reminded time and time again over the course of the last hundred days why I live here & why my heart is so drawn to this city. I think I need a whole entire other blog post dedicated to just that (which, I will do!), but simply put, no matter what the circumstance, & in this case the circumstances were truly like nothing we've ever seen before, New York still proved to have many glimmers of magic. Even in a city that was literally shut down, I still had moment upon moment of gratitude & disbelief that I get to live in one of the greatest cities in the world.

There is nowhere else I would rather be. Covid or no Covid.

New York or nowhere. Now & always.

xo. G

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  1. Now that is loyalty at its finest! New York City has been knocked down by this disaster but it hasn't been taken out! It is strong and resilient (just like you) and has weathered many storms in its history, it will do the same for this and come back in all its glory. Perhaps it will look different but no doubt continue to be the magical place it is that you call home.

    May I point out that 3 days a week when you are hearing the cheers at 7 pm YOU are the healthcare worker they are cheering for! An RN walking to work to begin a 12 hour shift taking care of patients, new mothers who feel so vulnerable and their new babies! Thank you for all you do for them and for being on the front lines during a very stressful and challenging time for hospitals in NYC and the world!

    You are indeed part of history and will have story upon story to share with friends, family and your future children and grandchildren.

    Keep up the good work and attitude, raise your head up strong and proud and stay safe!!!! LOVE YOU...