April 11, 2021

"I'm So Glad I... "

So many times over the last twelve months, I’ve found myself saying, “I’m so glad I did this .. " and “thank God I did that”.

I've always tried my best to pack life to the brim and to live with a zest for life. The past days, weeks, and months have been nothing short of the biggest reminder of our lives to always keep doing just that. 

Simply put, I’m grateful for all my “I’m so glad I dids" which very easily could have been, “I wish I hads..."

Don’t let this life pass you by & become full of “I wish I hads”. The reality we are living in right now, and have been for the past year, has been the biggest reminder of our lifetimes that we are not guaranteed anything - time, our health, our safety, our lives. Maybe another pandemic won’t sweep through in our lifetimes, but maybe cancer will. Or a freak accident. Or news that will forever change your reality. You could wake up tomorrow & have your world rocked. This is not to say go live your life in fear of the “what ifs” but instead let that knowledge drive you to live the shit out of your life. 

I know we are still not yet at a point where we can do all the things we may want to do, but we are getting there. The end is near. When we do get there - when the world is our oyster again- promise me you will never forget what twenty-twenty taught you. Never ever forget that this life, every single second of it, is a gift. Strive to make the most of it.

At the end of your days, you will be a much happier, fuller person if you can say “I’m so glad I did this .. “ and “thank god I did that.”

xo. G