January 22, 2016

Gallery Wall

Oh this gallery wall… 

For months I have been staring at this blank wall, literally. I redecorated my bedroom quite a while ago (I think over a year), and I absolutely love how it came out. However, it’s not quite done yet. To me the finishing touches of any space come down to the small details - pillows, mirrors, artwork, photography, etc. I really feel like those things can bring a vision to life! 

With that being said, I have a few blank walls that are just waiting for some love. One in particular I knew would make the most perfect gallery wall. Since redecorating, I have been slowly collecting a few items that I thought could come together nicely, but I knew I needed just a few more. Long story short.. I have yet to find the “few more” that I think I need to complete the wall, and I have put off working with the pieces I do have. Apparently I thought staring at a blank wall was better than admiring a half done gallery wall.. I was wrong. 

Yesterday, I finally decided to pull out the hammer & nails. Yay! I had been having a rough few days, and thought that channeling my energy into a creative project would be a fun way to take my mind off of things. Full disclosure - I have never hung a gallery wall before, so I headed to the always trusted pinterest for some tips and inspiration! I found the process to be quite simple, and I really just tried to have fun with it and trust my eye on what I thought would look best. I started by laying out the pieces on the floor to play around with the arrangement, and then sketched out my final design on a piece of paper before bringing it to life on the wall. As I said before, I didn’t have many pieces yet, so it didn’t take long to hang what I had. And just like that the start to my gallery wall was up! Voila!

Although it isn’t finished, I am thrilled with how it looks already. It’s crazy how just a few wall hangings already makes the room look that much better. Now I can honestly say I am much more inspired to get out there and find the final pieces for the gallery wall. Until then I will just admire what I have! 

p.s. I will keep you up to date on how the rest comes out! 


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