January 15, 2016

Winter Must Haves

I don’t know about other parts of the country, but oh my has New England been getting hit hard with the cold temperatures lately! For a while it seemed that we might luck out with a mild season, but mother nature thinks otherwise, and it appears winter (& the cold) are here to stay.

For those of us that don’t live in places with wonderful, warm winters (quite jealous), I wanted to share some of my cold weather favorites that make winter a little more bearable!  Braving the elements, while staying warm and looking good is a win-win if you ask me. Enjoy & stay warm out there!

J.Crew can really do no wrong when it comes to just about everything, and as always they deliver with their outerwear and cold-weather accessories. Being petite, I always used to worry that long puffer coats would just eat me up, but the J.Crew wintress puffer coat keeps me warm without making me feel like a huge marshmallow. My coat is from a couple seasons ago and doesn’t have the faux-fur lined hood, but I love that added detail. Throw it on with this ribbed pom-pom hat, and these adorable rainbow speckled mittens and you’re almost good to go! Add a pretty plaid scarf to complete the look. Thank you, thank you J.Crew!

If I could pick an outfit to live in throughout the entire winter season it would easily be either this fleece pullover or this 1/4 zip fleece, with a quilted puffer vest, and L.L.Bean Wicked Good Moccasins. All are crazy warm and comfortable, but you don’t feel like you are compromising on style either. I am not lying when I tell you I wear my moccasins all the time when I am home! There’s a reason they call them 'Wicked Good'.. 

Footwear can be a bit tricky in the winter when snow is involved, and when wearing ballet flats is just a no-go. It seems that boots are the only option, but on the plus side there are so many to choose from and you don’t have to worry about your toes freezing off! My go-to for the snow is my Hunter rain boots. They are great all year round, but in the winter I throw in some boot socks for added warmth. Bean boots seem to be all the rage, and I am working on becoming a proud owner myself. I hear they sell out fast - so get them early in the season! 

Some more favorites.. 

xo. G 

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