March 30, 2016

Future Talk

There are a lot of words that can be associated with the word futureExcitement. Anxiety. Possibility. Unknown. Fear often comes to mind when thinking about what is to come in life. There is always so much pressure to have everything figured out right now, at this exact moment in time. I don’t think having plans or goals is a bad thing at all, I actually think it is really important, however I do believe that having expectations that everything will go as planned isn’t always the best for us. The truth is that rarely do things always work out exactly as we expect them to, and life isn't always as perfect as we might hope. 

Recently my present hasn't been shaping out as ideally as I would like. Since the start of the new year, I feel as though I have been in this weird kind of funk. I’m not completely unhappy by any means, but life has just felt sort of blah. Reflecting back on the past few months, I can see where this feeling is coming from - it’s just been a combination of things. Having graduated almost a year ago, I feel like it really hit me recently that there is no going back to the college lifestyle I loved so much for four years. Moving back home and no longer being surrounded my friends, who became my family, has been quite the adjustment. On top of that being in an accelerated nursing program throws on what feels like constant stress and pressure. No fun. Some days it just seems like I will never make it through and become the nurse I so look forward to being. And to top it all off I have lost people who I thought were going to be in my life for the long-haul. Heartbreak is hard to deal with on the best of days, so on those off days, it feels exponentially worse. I feel like I am complaining, which I don't like. I have my health, a wonderful family, the absolute best friends, and many opportunities that I am blessed to have. I am very fortunate and I know that. However, some days, weeks, and months are just a little bit harder than others. 

On the plus side (because yes, there always is a positive), I have done a lot of thinking over the past few months. A little soul searching one could say. I have found that although the future can be scary and overwhelming to think about, it is also very exciting. How you view the future and the feelings you associate with it all come down to your perspective. The future really is all unknown, no matter how much you try to plan and have it all figured out. But here's the thing, you can either let that scare you or you can see the beauty in it. The beautiful thing with the future is that you can literally do whatever you want and there is so much still to come. 

In this little funk of mine, I have discovered that yes, things might not be going smoothly or feel perfect right now, but on the plus side it won't be like this forever. At only twenty-two, some would say my life is only just beginning. I have a first job to look forward to, moving out of my parents home to a new and exciting place, meeting new people, traveling to new places, falling in love again. There really is no shortage of things to look forward to - the list goes on and on. When I think of the future in this way, I have an overwhelming sense of excitement and gratitude. I have chosen during this rough patch to focus on this and look forward to the future, and it has made a world of difference. 

Of course the future is just that, the future, and you can't live there just like you can't live in the past. The present is really all we have, and we have to do our best to make the most of it. However, being excited about what is to come, instead of fearful, can really make all the difference. The future is is full of endless opportunities and experiences, and we have to do our best to take full advantage of that. As they always say, the best is yet to come! 

xo. G

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