March 14, 2016

Spring Break Must Haves

{Forewarning: this post is fueled by nostalgia and a walk down memory lane.}

It’s that time of year again. I’m not sure there is much I associate more with the month of March than spring break. March in New England tends to be very gloomy and gray, so it is no surprise that people head south for the warmth and sunshine that only tropical destinations can provide. Who can blame them right!?

Exactly one year ago, I was in sunny Punta Cana surrounded by some of my closest friends having the time of my life. Sending thirteen twenty-somethings in their last semester of college to an island for a week is recipe for a good time. There is just nothing quite like spending your days on beach, afternoons by the pool bar, evenings out to dinner and then nights wherever they took us - for five days straight. Also, did I mention it was 85 degrees and sunny every single day. Pure perfection if you ask me. The things I would do to go back and relive that week all over again (tears). And I wouldn't hate a Miami vice poolside right about now either!

To me that week, with those people, will always be one of my fondest memories when I look back on my senior year of college. I don't say that because it was a wild & crazy spring break like a scene out of a movie, because I promise you it was not. It was a week to celebrate the accomplishment of being graduating seniors, to enjoy each others company, and to make the most out of every moment we had left together. Although there was still a lot of fun ahead of us in the weeks that followed before graduating, we knew those moments would be fleeting. It was the beginning of the end in a way, but being together in paradise was a hell of a great way to kick it off. I have said it before and I am sure I will say it again, but it truly was a wonderful week, in a wonderful place, with wonderful people. I would do anything to experience those moments just one more time. 

Anyways, enough with my nostalgia and sappiness! On a much happier note, I figured that since spring break time is upon us, I would share some of my favorites for a tropical vacation. I think the second best part of going on a trip is shopping for it! I know I most certainly enjoyed the shopping and the lead up to the trip almost as much as I enjoyed the actual trip itself. Since I am sadly not traveling anywhere tropical this year, I figured I would still pretend like I was. Below are just a few of the things I most certainly would have packed away in my suitcase. 

For anyone who is lucky enough to be traveling somewhere warm, I hope this helps you prepare, or finds you already on the beach somewhere with a coconut in hand! Enjoy and make the absolute most of it!

Shop here... 

And just a few more pictures for good measure... 

xo. G

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