April 15, 2016

Friday Finds No. 4

It's the best day of the week again! Whoo. Thank God it's Friday, I am so very happy to see you. The weather this weekend is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous, which I think is why I have been looking forward to this weekend a little more than usual. New England has not felt much like spring lately, so it's about time the weather warmed up a bit!

I hope that everyone has a lovely weekend, and takes advantage of the beautiful weather. I sure know I will be making every effort to get outside!



Best Ice Cream in Every State // Came across this and just had to share. I mean who doesn't love ice cream? I don't think I have ever met someone who doesn't. I sadly can't say I've been to any of these ice cream shops, but I will absolutely try to get to some of them if I am ever in the area! With the warm weather forcasted for this weekend, what would be better than taking a trip to get some ice cream that I'm sure won't dissapoint. Seventy-degress just calls for ice cream if you ask me. I know I will most definitely be making a trip to my local ice cream shop, Dari Serv, this weekend. It didn't make the list, but it is most certainly a favorite of mine!

Sweet Escapes // Ten simple ways to improve your days? Yes please. I don't think anyone will turn down a few tips to make your days a little bit brighter, relaxing, or more fun. Some are things I currently do daily or every so often to brighten my spirits, and others are absolutely going on my list of things to try asap. Once the weather stays consistently nice and the farmers markets get going again, I can promise you I will be there!

Agua Fresca Recipies // First the ice cream link and now this. Sorry guys! I just can't help it - I am always looking for new recipies to try and new places to check out! These first caught my eye because they were so pretty and to be honest I thought they were cocktail recipes (ha). Come to find out they're actually a mix of flowers, herbs, fruit, sugar, and water, which sounds so refreshing if you ask me! I am all about drinking water to stay hydrated, but it is also fun to switch it up every once in a while. These are perfect for that! I can already see these becoming a hit this summer when to temperatures rise, and they would also be perfect to make for entertaining!

xo. G

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