April 22, 2016

Running Essentials

With the Boston Marathon having been this past Monday, and the particularly nice weather this week, I was feeling inspired to do a post on something I love very much.


I have been wanting to do a blog post on this topic for quite some time now, but I have struggled with how to approach it. There are a multitude of different topics I could/want to cover, but I think for now I will stick sharing some general running tips and essentials. I will save why I love running, how I got into running, and what I've learned from it for a later date!

The weather in New England this past week was beautiful (!!). There are many reasons why this makes me happy, one of them being that warm temps means saying goodbye to treadmill running. I think it is safe to say that outdoor running season is officially back! Fingers crossed I didn't just jinx it. I'm sure that many runners would agree with me when I say that the first outdoor run of the season is the best. It may not necessarily feel the best (hello hills), but it most certainly is good for the soul!

With the weather as nice as it is and only getting nicer, I thought I would share some tips and running essentials with you all. This is the ideal season to either get back into the groove or decide to give running a solid try as the weather isn't too hot yet.

My first and probably my biggest piece of advice is this: just do it. If you are new to running chances are it is going to suck at first. To be perfectly honest the first few runs I did this season were not the most enjoyable. The truth is that it will likely be a little bit painful - your legs muscles will burn, your lungs will probably hurt, you may or may not get a cramp, and there is potential for a blister or two. It is an adjustment period that is not unlike getting back into or starting up any other sport or exercise - you just have to do it. Dont let this discourage you, it will get better. I promise.

This leads me to my second piece of advice: stick with it! If you give up after the first run because of any of the above reasons, you are not giving yourself enough time to get past the initial adjustment and experience everything running has to offer. I don't want to give you the illusion that after that point running is a breeze, because it certainly is not. However, if you stick it out, it will get better. You will literally see your body get stronger and improve right in front of you - what could be better that that! In my personal experience the inital aches and pain are well worth it in the end.

As far as my essentials for running go, I don't have many, just because running really doesn't require that much! As far as attire goes, these Lululemon running crops are hands down the best. When it comes to running, you want pants that fit like a glove, don't slide down, and are the perfect material. These pants are all that and more. They are easily the best running pant I own, so much so that I will not wear anything else! I am not as picky about tops or sports bras as I am my pants, but I do recommend the Lululemon swiftly tech tops. I own both the long sleeve and short sleeve styles and have found they are great for wearing in wide range of temperatures. Nike has also become a staple in my workout drawer, which includes these shorts and these tank tops.

Speaking of Nike, that brings me to my next topic... running shoes. This is where you will find a lot of disagreement in the running community. There are some runners who swear by ASICS or Saucony. There are also runners who believe a more 'barefoot' running shoe is beneficial, where as some people still believe in the traditional thought that the more support the better. I have determined that there is no right or wrong answer here. It all depends on what works for you. What some runners prefer for running shoes, others might hate.

I have always been a fan of Nike running shoes, in particular a fan of their free runs. In the past people have told me that I needed a more supportive running shoe, so because of that and because so many runners swear by ASICS, I decided to buy a pair and see for myself. Long story short, after many runs, I decided that the ASICS weren't for me, and back to the Nike free runs I went. Three half marathons later, I still have no complaints and I am not planning on trying something new anytime soon.  Moral of the story, find a running shoe that you like and that works for you, and stick with it!

Long post, I know, I'm sorry! I will leave you with this. There will never be a run you regret running. Ever. Some may be hard, yes, but at the end of the day you will be happy you got out there and did it. I can only hope that I may have inspired some of you to get out there!

Happy running!

p.s. A killer running playlist doesn't hurt either! 

xo. G 

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