June 11, 2016

Friday {Saturday} Finds No. 5

Hello friends and hello weekend! My oh my, what a week it has been.. crazy to say the least. It was my first full week of summer classes and clinical and to say it was busy would be quite the understatement. As you can tell by the name of this blog post, I had every intention of getting this post up yesterday but eighteen hours of class and thirty-six hours at the hospital this week just did not allow for that to happen! But what can you do? Sometimes you just can't do it all, and that's okay!

On any note, I hope you all had a wonderful week and enjoy checking out the things I found in my (little) spare time this week. May your Saturday be full of sunshine, iced coffee, and JT's new song!

Never Forget You / Close // I discovered Louisa Wendorff, a singer-songwriter, a couple years ago, and was blown away by the many amazing covers she has done. She has a beautiful voice, and the creative gift of bringing together two different songs in the most perfect way. Not going to lie, sometimes I like her cover of a song more than I like the original! It was this song that I originally stumbled upon, and I immediately became obsessed. I spent more time than I am willing to admit exploring her YouTube channel. Since then, I have followed her musical journey, and her latest release is nothing short of amazing. Anthem Lights (also amazing) was perfect for the collaboration of Never Forget You / Close. Go check it out. I promise you will be impressed!

Tavik // While shopping the Nordstrom half-yearly sale last week, I came across this brand. I had never heard of it before, but I very quickly made myself familiar, especially with their swimwear line.  I told myself that I was not going to purchase any new bathing suits this summer because for one I will have very little time to spend at the beach or by the pool, and secondly because I already have plenty of swimwear from past seasons. Well let me tell you that that plan quickly went out the window as I perused the swimwear section. It was all just too good to resist! I decided to compromise with myself and just get a top. It came in the other day and I am in love. I may or may not still be debating on getting these bottoms to match...

Must Reads for June // Pleasure reading has always been something I have associated with summer. It may or may not be because as a kid growing up my mother always pushed (yes, it was not by choice) my sister and I to read as many books as we could. At the time I didn't quite understand why she wanted us to read so much, nor did I want to, but as I got older it all started to make sense. I yearn for those summers with so much free time, as I wish I could just spend my days reading for fun. In my opinion there is nothing quite like reading on the beach, and reading by the pool takes a close second. Although I don't have as much free time as I used to (especially this summer) I still make it a priority to read as much as I can for my own happiness. Thanks to the suggestions on this list I have a feeling I will be finding myself in a Barnes & Noble very soon picking up this summer read..

Best Ice Cream in NYC // Ahh, ice cream. I'm not sure there is anything I can't turn down quite like a trip to the ice cream parlor. It is pretty safe to say that if someone suggests or offers going to get ice cream, I will be there. New York City might give ice cream a run for its money however, as it is quite possible I love it more. The thought of ice cream and New York City sounds like absolute perfection to me. I just might have to add 'try out all 22 NYC ice cream shops' to my 101 in 1001 list. There are most definitely some trips into the city in my near future!

xo. G 


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