November 18, 2016

Friday Finds No. 11

Happy Friday!! For whatever reason, this week has been dragging, so I am super excited that the weekend has finally arrived. The weekend is even sweeter when fun plans are in store! I’m heading up to Boston for the weekend to spend time with long time friends - what could be better! Hope you have a great weekend in store! 


NYC Apartment // To all my New York City lovers out there, how cute is this!? I don't know about you all but I daydream about what my first apartment in the city will be like. I can't wait to be out on my own, but I think I am even more excited about being able to decorate a space that is completely mine! This apartment is pretty darn close to perfect and is major inspo for when that time arrives. Although I highly doubt my first apartment in the city will be this big and this bright, a girl can still dream!

Maxie on Disagreements // I think we all need a little dose of this. One thing I think we all are in agreement about is that the past couple weeks have been filled with a lot more arguing, hate, and closed-minded thinking than we would like to admit. I also think we can all agree that we need a little bit more understanding and a whole lot more love. Only Maxie could tackle a topic as tricky as this one, and I think she nails it. We can all take away something from her words. I’ll leave you with my personal favorite, “Be kind because that’s what this world needs. Fierce love, not righteousness."

Love on the Weekend // Obsessed. Love love love. I am without a doubt listening to this on repeat right now. John Mayer, I love you. You are perfection.

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xo. G

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