May 04, 2018

A Love Affair with Charleston

My oh my, where do I even begin! Charleston you were an absolute dream. Three days was all it took for me to fall head over heels in love with you!

I had a pretty good feeling prior to my trip that the Holy City would quickly become a favorite, but I had no idea just how much it would speak to me. It's funny how you feel instant connections with certain places. Paris & New York are some of those places for me, and now I gladly add Charleston to the list!

I'm not sure I can pinpoint exactly what it was about this city, but I think it's southern charm, rich history, and beauty are a good place to start. It is easily one of the most beautiful cities I've ever been to and one that I could have wandered around all day long. It's streets are full of charm, and with every turn came an invitation to explore some more.  I was pleasantly surprised at the energy and life of Charleston. It was not a quiet, sleepy destination, but one that was so lively, with so much to do and see. To say I was pleasantly surprised would be the understatement of the year!

For the most part, we spent our time exploring, walking around the charming neighborhoods, and soaking in everything the city had to offer. The weather was absolutely perfect and after the winter New England had, you all know I was in heaven! Charleston is a very walkable city, so I definitely recommend packing your walking shoes and doing some wandering. There is nothing better than seeing a city by foot. If you're looking for another mode of transportation for exploring Charleston, there are a ton of bikes throughout the city that you can rent, and I definitely recommend taking a horse drawn carriage ride!

And now, I saved the best part for last... the food! When I tell you that everything I ate in Charleston was amazing, I am telling you the truth. Not even exaggerating a little bit! I was blown away by the food and bar scene in Charleston - something I really had no idea about. I had done some research and gotten quite a few recommendations prior to leaving, so I knew I definitely had options, but little did I know just how many choices there were. I think my biggest disappointment was that I wasn't able to try them all! Every single restaurant I ate at was delicious - whether it was an  upscale seafood place, traditional southern food, or a super casual taco place. If you are a foodie, I promise Charleston is the place for you!

I feel as though I am having a hard time putting into words just how much I loved Charleston! It was the perfect girls weekend away & was truly such a special trip. Spending it with my mom and sister just made it that much better! Three days didn't feel like nearly enough time to do everything there was to do, but it definitely gave me a good feel for the city and allowed enough time to see the highlights. If you're planning a trip yourself, definitely give yourself three days, but I think four or more would be ideal!

One of my favorite parts about travelling is feeling as though you left a piece of your heart somewhere and also feeling as if you took something home with you. We are never the same after exploring new places, whether they be near or far, and Charleston was no exception to that. It has been just about a week since I headed down south, and I just cannot seem to get this magical place out of my head.

Charleston, I will without a doubt be back again soon and maybe even one day for good!

Charleston Travel Guide

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I will be sharing where to stay in Charleston in an upcoming blog post - stay tuned!

xo. G

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