May 18, 2018

Where to Stay in Charleston

It has been just about three weeks since arriving in Charleston and checking into the lovely Dewberry hotel. Finding a place to call home for the weekend wasn't hard in the sense that there are so many amazing options, but it was challenging trying to figure out which one to choose. Not a bad dilemma though, right!?

I had done my research and had quite a few recommendations for accommodations - including the Dewberry, which is what we ultimately decided on. I think what sold us on staying at the Dewberry was the location! It was just steps away from King Street, which meant walking everywhere was a breeze. I can't even begin to tell you how nice it was to not worry about transportation, especially since we didn't have a car. Plus, with beautiful weather and beautiful scenes around every corner, walking was all I wanted to do! Like they say.. location is everything!

Of course, location is key but certainly not everything. However, after staying at the Dewberry I can tell you that just about everything else matched it's stellar location. To say I was impressed would be an understatement! I've always been big into the details - to me, it's all the little things put together that really make a statement. The Dewberry most certainly stood out in it's attention to detail... I was wowed. They really went above and beyond to make sure our stay, and the stay of all their guest, was a perfect one. Everything from the hospitality & friendliness of the staff, to the fresh flowers in the bathrooms, to the overall ambiance of the entire hotel was top notch and didn't go unnoticed. The guest rooms were equally as luxurious as they were comfortable - a set of qualities that made me never want to leave!

There were a hundred reasons why I didn't want to leave Charleston, and the Dewberry was definitely one of them. I could have easily made myself right at home forever! I think it goes without saying, but I highly recommend this hotel to anyone planning a trip to Charleston. You are in for a treat staying at the Dewberry, and the experience will without a doubt contribute to a love affair with Charleston. I am already looking forward to checking in to the Dewberry the next time I am in town!

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xo. G 

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