February 14, 2021

A note on being in love with your life

There is so much emphasis placed on love. Romantic love in particular. I'm not saying it's a bad thing by any means - romantic love is a beautiful, wonderful thing. It's a lot of beautiful, wonderful things actually. But you know what romantic love isn't?

It isn't everything.
This is important, so I'm going to say it one more time. Romantic love is not everything.

It's a piece of the puzzle sure. But you know what else is part of that puzzle? Where you live. How you spend your days. The people you surround yourself with. What you spend your energy on. The adventures you go on. How you recharge. The things that fill you up.

It's one small piece of the puzzle that is life, but it is not the entire thing. 

There is so much emphasis on romantic love.  On swiping right. Or swiping left. On finding your person. On settling down.

There is so much emphasis on all of those things. On finding the one. But why does the 'one' have to be a person? Why can't it be a city, or a career, or friend? Why isn't the emphasis placed on those things? On finding the right city, or the right career, or even the right people to surround yourself with. Maybe we should place the emphasis on finding the things that bring us happiness. On living our best lives.

Let's all commit to falling in love with those things first. On falling in love with our lives. Every aspect of them. Because when you fall in love with those things first, you become a magnet for attracting the right person. 

If romantic love is a piece of the puzzle you already have, well that's just fantastic. But don't forget about all the other pieces too. Make sure they are the right ones & the ones that bring you the ultimate happiness. And if they're not, or you haven't found them at all yet, then keep looking. Do not ever settle on the rest of your life because you have checked off the box on romantic love. Because you need the rest of the pieces of the puzzle to make a life that is whole, and one that fills you to the brim with happiness.

This Valentine's Day I might not be in love with a person. But I am so in love with my life. Is it perfect? Absolutely not, because no one's is. But I am in love with it because I have created it and I have chosen it. I have put the emphasis on building a life I love, and not compromising. Just like you shouldn't compromise in love. I have found a few of the pieces to my puzzle, and will keep searching for the other's until I know they are just right, the most perfect fit.

On this Valentine's Day, I challenge you to fall in love with this life of yours & be in love with yourself.  When you are living your truest life and being the truest and therefore the happiest version of yourself, you are opening the doors to find the right person for you. And if that right person hasn't come along yet, or you're not ready for that person, you have a life you love. And the person you spend the most time with - yourself - you have that. That is what matters. It has always been more than enough.

xo. G

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