Thursday, May 28, 2020

All the Books I've Read this Year

At the start of the year, I set a goal to read at least twelve books over the course of twenty-twenty. With eight books already under my belt, I think it's safe to say I am on track to not only accomplishing that goal, but also surpassing it!

Reading is always such a beautiful escape, but in the last few months it has served not only as that but so much more - a source of joy, hope, and much needed distraction. Books & stories are such a gift in so many ways, and having so much time to read during this crazy time in our lives is something I am so grateful for.

It was always my intention to share all the books I read this year, however instead of waiting until the end of the year to do so, I figured it was a much better idea to share as I go along. So here is the list of all the books I've read this year! I'll be adding to it as I go. Maybe you'll even add a book or two to your list!

Twenty Twenty Reads

3/5 Stars
Honestly, not something I probably would've picked up on my own, but gave it a go because of a book club I'm in. I ended up liking it much more than I originally thought I would! It definitely is a book that keeps you guessing until the end & leaves you a little mind blown!

5/5 Stars
As a lover of historical fictions, I knew this book would be right up my ally, but my oh my I had no idea just how much I would love it.

5/5 Stars
Read this book in less than 72 hours, and sobbed when it ended. Beautiful storytelling, that makes you feel all the feels. A highlight so far this year.

4/5 Stars
I was late to the game on this one, I know. Admittedly I decided to read it when I heard it was coming out as a mini-series on Hulu, however Hulu series or not, I think it is a story everyone should read. It deals with complex issues, but is an easy read and one I couldn't put down. Highly recommend!

And having the Hulu series to look forward to upon completion of the book is fun too!

4/5 Stars
The most recent release from my favorite author was based around the Ritz in Paris, so I knew I would love. Paris, the Ritz, and multiple love stories make this one a winner! What's not to love!?

4/5 Stars
After finishing The Light We Lost (and loving it so much!), I knew I had to read the author's other book asap. This read easily lived up to my expectations and was another one that was a moving, beautiful story. Jill Santopolo is a beautiful storyteller & has quite a way with words! Will forever be reading her books - I cant recommend them enough!

3/5 Stars
I bought this book last summer, and truth be told this was my second attempt at reading it. It was a little bit hard to get into in the beginning, but once I did, I really liked it! It wasn't what I was expecting, but it pleasantly surprised me. I would definitely recommend!

4/5 Stars
I loved this author's debut novel, so I knew I had to read this one as soon as it came out. This story was such a delight and couldn't have been a more perfect read while in quarantine. It transported me to some of my favorite places & is a beautiful little love story - exactly what my heart needed at this time.

Will be sharing a summer reading list next month! My favorite time of year to read - stay tuned!

You can also check out this post where I share some of my all time favorite reads & some others that are on my to-read list!

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