February 13, 2020

Twenty Twenty To-Do List

At the start of the new year, I love to make a to-do list for the days and months that lie ahead. It's my version of new year's resolutions, since I long ago decided they weren't really my thing. To-do lists, however, are, and a few years ago I thought why not make one with the things I want to do, try, or accomplish in a brand new year! I started this in 2018, and here we are two years & three lists later, so obviously the idea stuck. It is really an easy & fun practice to help you start the year on a motivated note!

2020 To-Do List

Run that marathon!
No other words needed to explain this one! 

Travel Tuesday
This is an idea I've had for the blog for a while now, and one that I'm ready to bring to life! I have so, so much travel content from trips I've been on over the years, and I have failed miserably at sharing it! So from here on out, I want to start sharing it so that it's useful information! I thought it would be fun to share on Tuesday's, thus the name Travel Tuesday!

Read at least twelve books
Originally this read, "read a book a month" which is essentially the same, but I realize some months are crazier than other's so better to make it over the course of the year. So far I've already read three books, starting a fourth now, so I think I'm off to a good start!

Finish my room
This is a big one! My room for all intents & purposes is done, but there are a few little design details that I need to finish, so that it will truly be done in my eyes. Will share when it's done, I promise! 

Try at least one new recipe a month
I'd say over the course of the second half of last year, I started to try and cook more here and there. I am by no means a cook, so this was big for me! I want to keep the ball moving and continue trying new recipes in 2020! 

Save up for a new computer
I love my computer & it has been good to me over the last 9 years, but I think the time is coming for an upgrade!

Continue practicing yoga 
2019 was truly the first year I went to yoga on a fairly consistent basis (at least once a week!) and I really want to continue to evolve my yoga practice this year! I love how it makes my body feel, and I am curious what the benefits will be when continuing to practice both regularly and more frequently!

Post to Faith & Fancy when I feel inspired & creative
Faith & Fancy isn't my job and is something I never want to feel like one! In the past I have put pressure on myself to post consistently, and to be honest it's up for debate whether or not that is beneficial to the growth of my blog or the happiness it provides me. I don't ever want pressure to be driving me to do this - instead just inspiration and creativity. I think it's better to share under those circumstances instead of ever feeling forced to!

What is on your to-do list for 2020!?

xo. G

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  1. Great post Gretchen, looking forward to what you share in 2020!!! I am thinking of adopting some of your ideas for me!