June 04, 2023

A Note on Seasons

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately & reflecting on this idea that nothing is permanent. A very broad claim, but one that can be applied to a multitude of situations and components of life. Specifically, I've been musing over this idea that the seasons of life are ever changing, and with their shifts, we morph and change too. 

Twenty-twenty-two felt like the start of a shift for me. A period of transition, a change in a season of my life. I feel very much in an in-between right now. I can feel the change coming, the change already slowly happening. Maybe this is a natural feeling as one decade starts to come to a close?

I'm not sure, but the reality is everything changes, such is life. So what do we do about it? 

Enjoy the season while we're in it, soak it in. Don't dwell on the fact that with time it will end, love it more because you know it will. Love who you are during this season, because that will change too. Different seasons of life bring different versions of us. Different but better, as we are always growing and evolving into our truest self. If you're not growing and evolving as the seasons change you're doing it wrong. I believe that firmly.

When the time comes, when the season starts to change. Breathe, relax your grip, and let it go. 

Make room for what is coming. I can almost guarantee it will be better than what is gone. 

xo. G

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