August 28, 2023

What to Wear in the South of France

What to wear in the south of france.

Wondering what to wear in the French Riviera? Well I've got you covered. The South of France is a luxe travel destination but with its proximity to the Mediterranean there is still a breeziness to the styles worn. Think lots of linen, flowy dresses, swimwear & chic coverups, straw bags galore, and stylish sun protection. 

I've been to the South of France quite a few times and I've learned a market tote, a great pair of linen pants, and a chic swimsuit - that can work on & off the beach - are essentials. I had so much fun shopping for and packing for my trip this summer, and I must say I think I nailed it in the wardrobe department. I South of France and I are a match made in heaven... shocker! 

With that being said, I am confident I can advise on what to wear in the South of France. Below is a combination of pieces I did pack/wear and some that did not make it into the suitcase, but would be perfect for the Côte D'Azure. If you find yourself planning a trip, let this be your go-to for packing inspiration! Happy shopping xx. 


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