August 31, 2023

Pre-Fall '23

It always feels a little bit unnatural talking about fall before Labor Day weekend has come and gone, however I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little bit excited for what's to come. As we all know, I'm a summer girlie through and through, but as the summer starts to wane, I can start to appreciate the changes that a new season brings in. 

More specifically, I get giddy when I think about the slow shift in our wardrobes from summer to fall. Pre-fall to me is always a little mix of each season - it's the best of both worlds - pieces to wear now & later, shorts & sweater weather. It's the sweet spot really - when we get to enjoy the mixing of the two, in my opinion, best seasons. 

As the summer comes to a close, and I start to slowly shift gears towards thinking about fall style, I try to be very intentional with any shopping. I want pieces that are both appropriate for right now and later in the season, and I want them to be pieces I will use & love for years to come. That is how you build a collection of pieces you not only love, but will also grow with you. And that's the goal friends. Happy shopping!

xo. G

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