September 04, 2023

A Note on Passions

What are your passions?

It's a question that I've often been intimidated by. One that I have never felt quite confident enough to answer. Upon hearing the question, my answers slowly simmer inside - I know them, they are there - but there's a doubt keeps me quiet. A tiny voice that says, but they aren't quite big enough, or important enough, or good enough.

I was asked recently what my passions are, but was saved from answering by a swift change in the course of conversation. But it's a moment I've kept coming back to in the days following. 

I know the answer to this question. I have many passions. Sure maybe they aren't grandiose and world changing things, but they are mine. I am me, in part, because of them. 

So the next time someone asks me what my passions are, I won't shyly deflect or let a the conversation veer elsewhere. I will instead say this; 

I have a passion for running & for the community of people who call themselves runners. For how it makes me feel like the best version of myself, and for how running alongside this community makes me feel part of something bigger.

I have a passion for skincare. I could talk all day, share all day, and learn all day. I'm intrigued by the art of keeping oneself youthful, and the beauty in caring for yourself.

I have a passion for beautiful interiors, perfectly curated aesthetics, and everything & anything that attracts the eye. I am drawn to & enamored by a world driven by making the spaces we surround ourselves in visually appealing.

I have a passion for a food. And not just a passion for good food, but the whole experience it creates. How it brings people together, it defines cultures... how it keeps you alive, both body and soul.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I am very passionate about New York City. More specifically, I will always defend it being the best place on earth. I will die upon that hill. 

Lean into your most authentic self & don't let anyone for one second make you question it. Next time someone asks you what your passions are, how will you answer?

xo. G

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