October 23, 2023

Things of Note

Hi! This is a new style of post, but one that I think might find itself a permeant place here on Faith & Fancy. It was born out of a need and want to share all these things & ideas that are floating around in my head, and not knowing how to get them out to you all. It's basically a brain dump of new & noteworthy things that I've been meaning to share, or things that seem more urgent ... and by urgent I mean great sales that must not be missed!

If this feels unorganized and all over the place, it probably is. ha. Welcome to the inside of my mind! Nonetheless I think it's the most efficient way to get out the variety of things I think are worthy of sharing. I hope you enjoy! 

If you like this format, let me know! Already thinking of making it a more regular thing, or do I dare say, shifting it into a fun newsletter. Xx. 

Of note... 

Jenni Kayne Sale

There was a Jenni Kayne sale last week... it is sadly over, but couldn't help but share the things that caught my eye! Threw in a few that are already personal favorites too - do yourself a favor and snag this candle. You can thank me later.

Hill House Home Holiday

Although it's hard to stomach talking about holiday before Halloween has even happened, I do feel strongly about mentioning this one. Hill House always creates the most perfect holiday collections & this year is no exception. All the tartan, tulle, and lace fabrics are what holiday dreams are made of! Although I certainly don't need anymore holiday plaids in my closest, this one is calling my name... 

Lake Sweaters 

PSA: Lake Pajamas just came out with sweaters! If you've been around for a while then you know that Lake Pajamas are high on my list of favorites, so I am thrilled to see the expansion into a new category. I love throwing on a sweater with my loungewear or pjs - it makes for a more elevated experience - so can't wait to try one of these! 

Sweaters Under $150

xo. G

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