December 02, 2016

Christmas Tree Season

Going to pick out a Christmas tree is probably my hands-down favorite holiday tradition. It is something that my family has been doing my entire life, and is a tradition I plan on continuing on with my own family someday. There is just nothing better than bundling up, heading to the local Christmas tree farm, and roaming through the endless rows of trees in search for the perfect one to take home with us. More often than not the tree is far from perfect, with a crooked trunk and some areas a little more sparse than others, but it is it's imperfections that make it just right. It is perfectly imperfect and with a little love and a whole lot of lights and ornaments it turns out just beautifully! I will forever stand by the statement that there is nothing better than a freshly cut, real tree - you just can't beat it and nothing smells better!!

Over the past few years, my family has been getting our tree the weekend of Thanksgiving. I think this was due in part to the fact that my sister and I were home from college and it was the only time to squeeze in getting the tree with everyone together, but I have a feeling we will continue this tradition as it just seems like the perfect time to kick off the holiday season! This past weekend we headed out to search, and after going back and forth between a couple trees we decided on one to take home with us. We got it into the house and put some lights on it, and let me tell you, it's a winner! We are still in the process of getting all the ornaments up but I can't wait to see it completed - it is going to be even more beautiful than it already is.

We definitely lucked out this year as far as weather goes. In years past I remember it being either bitterly cold or rainy, but this year was pretty mild and the sun even peaked out a bit. It was nice not to have to bundled up too much, but I still took the opportunity to wear some of my favorite and festive cold weather accessories! I just recently got this plaid scarf and adorable pom-pom hat which are perfect for this time of year. J.Crew Factory makes my go-to quilted vest - I literally wear it from October to April and it is perfect for layering. When traipsing through a Christmas tree farm the right footwear is key and my Hunter boots never let me down! With the mild weather we had, a sweater was all I needed and although the one I was wearing is Madewell from last year you can find similar ones herehere, and here.

I hope you all are getting into the holiday spirit & enjoying some of your own Christmas traditions!

xo. G

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