March 13, 2017

I Spy Pink & Blue Swimwear!

Happy Monday and hello from Florida! Leading up to this trip, I did a fair amount of shopping in preparation for a week in warmer weather.  Honestly there was nothing better than shopping for bathing suits and sundresses in the middle of March. It felt like an escape from winter even if just for a few minutes! 

I think I mentioned this before but there are so many good spring and summer pieces out right now. The world of retail is always a few steps ahead of us and for good reason. Even if I hadn't been going on vacation, I would have still been ready to start shopping for spring. I am officially over wearing flannels and sweaters.. give me all the flowy blouses, sundresses, and sandals.  

I know bathing suit season is still a few months away for those of us in New England, but I couldn't help but share some of my favorites that I came across.  I promise my intention wasn't to shop for only pink or blue swimwear, but those are the ones that really seemed to catch my eye! I ended up picking up this Scalloped Bandeau Bikini Top from J.Crew and I absolutely love it. The color is not something I typically go for but was so beautiful I couldn't resist. I am so excited to be able to wear it this week and then it will be perfect once summer rolls around. 

Check out the rest of my favorites below! I hope you're shopping for somewhere warm but if not it's still a good time to stock up for the summer before pieces sell out. Enjoy and stay warm you New Englanders!

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xo. G

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