March 07, 2017

Luggage On My Eye

With the bit of traveling I've done in the past six months, I feel like I definitely have first hand experience on the importance of good luggage while traveling. I quickly learned within the first few days of my month in Europe that I should have invested in good luggage.. (side note: my pull handle got stuck upon landing in London, resulting in me dragging my fifty pound suitcase all around Heathrow..) Also, if there is one thing I can recommend, and only one thing... get a suitcase with FOUR wheels. I promise you, it is a major game changer!

I feel that with anything in life, it is important to spend the extra money to get a good quality product, especially when it is something you will use often. Spending a little bit more and making an investment is absolutely worth it in the long run, and will probably end up saving you not only money but also a headache or two!

With my upcoming travels, I've been looking into and thinking a lot about luggage and travel bags, and wanted to share what I've come across. As far as luggage goes, you can't go wrong with a hardshell case - definitely durable and can withstand taking a bit of a beating. I loved this Tumi suitcase. It's hardshell case will defintiely stand the test of time and I'm kind of loving the hunter green. For a more classic look, you can't go wrong with this Mark & Graham suitcase, and the monogram option makes it a total win in my book!

If your travels don't require a full sized suitcase or you're just a light packer, a weekender bag might be the perfect option! Still great for travel by air (can be used as a carry-on!) and the best option for a long-weekend getaway. I have had my eye on this monogrammed satchel forever now. It was a little too late to get it for this upcoming getaway, but you bet it will be coming with me on my next trip! Another classic is this Mark & Graham leather buckle bag, and Longchamp makes an expandable travel bag, which is ideal for any and all of your trips! 

I hope this has helped you find the perfect luggage for any upcoming trips you may have, and if not, I hope to have has sparked the desire to get out there and explore - even if just for a weekend getaway! Enjoy!

xo. G

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