June 09, 2017

Hello June!

Happy Friday and hello June! I know we are already a week into June but it is still so nice to see you again! It is always so exciting to see June roll back around because although it might not officially be summer quite yet, I'm sure most of us would agree that it most certainly represents the unofficial start. At the very least it's arrival is a delightful reminder of all that is to come in the upcoming summer months. I'm not sure about you but I cannot wait!

I'm sure I speak for many in New England when I say that I hope the arrivial of June brings the arrival of some more seasonally appropriate weather. So far this season has been far from sunny and warm but I think there is some (really) warm weather headed our way this weekend and next week. Wooo! I hope that you are able to soak it up and make up for the lack of warm weather as of late. Until then, I hope you enjoy my latest finds for June!



xo. G 

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