July 12, 2017

Summertime Glow with St. Tropez

If there is one thing I have come to accept come summertime, it's the fact that no matter what I do the sun will never give me that deep, bronze glow that everyone desires in the summer months. Have I accepted this? Yes. Am I okay being pasty all summer long? Not quite. Although I am absolutely comfortable in my skin and have honestly really learned to love my fair Irish skin, I would be lying if I said I didn't want a little bit of color during the summer months. Who doesn't!?

In the search for the perfect (faux) tan, I have tried many different products that promise a natural looking glow. Unfortunately many products have fallen short of that promise - let's just say orange and streaky is not cute nor natural looking. However, I was determined to find a self tanner that would provide an as close to natural glow as possible, and I am happy to announce that my hunt did not let me down! 

After much trial and error with many different products, I can say with absolute certainty that the St. Tropez line of tanning products is hands down the best. Time and time again, I had heard really good things about St. Tropez's products and one day I decided it was time to give it a try for myself. It did not disappoint and it has been my go-to products for achieving the perfect summer glow. 

Of course, no self tanning product is perfect, as no tan will be quite as good as the real deal, however the tan achieved using St. Tropez self-tanning products feels the most natural to me. It isn't streaky, doesn't smell bad, and provides just the right shade to make you feel like you have a nice glow, without feeling orange. All good things if you ask me! 

Last summer I tried the everyday tinted body lotion, which gradually builds a tan as you keep using it. I loved the results and felt like I was able to subtly build a tan to whatever shade I desired. I definitely recommend it for anyone who is hesitant to try self-tanners or who wants a less dramatic, yet still noticeable tan. It was my go-to for all of last summer, and a product I always like to have on hand in case I'm ever in need of a glow! 

Since I loved the everyday tinted body lotion so much , I decided to introduce the classic bronzing mousse and classic bronzing face lotion into my summer beauty routine this summer. Let me tell you, they are both amazing. I've always worried a little bit more about self tanning my face, but the St. Tropez bronzing face lotion provides build able, natural looking color and won't clog your pores. That is a double win in my book! 

The bronzing mousse just might be my favorite out of all three though, if I'm being completely honest. It provides the most beautiful and natural looking glow almost instantly, and the consistency of the mousse is so easy to work with and apply. I will give you a heads up on two things regarding the mousse though, so listen up. Before you go out and buy this product and then panic upon dispensing it onto your hands, I want to let you know the color of the mousse is a little bit scary at first. It is quite dark and honestly has a green tint to it... I know, a little bit concerning when you're about to spread it all over your body. BUT, I promise that it creates the most perfect glow! Second heads up.. buy the tan applicator mitt. I did not and my first application of the mousse left the palms of my hands looking quite dark. Unfortunately that's just the nature of self-tanning, but can easily be prevented with the applicator mitt. Definitely worth the ten bucks to help prevent dark looking palms! 

At the end of the day most of us are all chasing after a pretty summertime glow and I am happy that we can all achieve it thanks to St. Tropez! To help you get that natural looking tan, I have linked all my St. Tropez go-tos below. Check them out and give them a try! I promise you and your skin will thank me! 


xo. G 

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