September 24, 2018

Autumn Bucket List

Can you believe it is already fall!? Every year summer comes and goes so fast - you would think I would be used to it, but it still amazes me. As much as it makes me sad to say goodbye to summer, I am equally as excited and happy to be welcoming fall back. It is truly one of the most wonderful times of year in the northeast & I'm so happy to be able to spend this season up north. I'm extra excited to be spending autumn here in the City this year. I've heard only good things about fall in New York, so I can't wait to see for myself!

I always try to come up with a list of things I want to do each season because for one, it's fun, but also I feel like it keeps you on track to actually doing some of the things on the list. It's so easy to say you want to do something and then forget or just never get around to it. A list always helps! I wanted to share mine with you all, so here you go, my autumn bucket list! Enjoy!

Spend a Day at a Museum
Certainly not the most fall-like activity, but I think it's the perfect time of year to do it! As the weather starts to get chillier and we start to look for more indoor activities, what better place to turn to than a museum. It is something that up until now I haven't been able to do often, but now that I can I plan on taking full advantage of it!

Host a Friendsgiving 
I know it's crazy to be thinking about Thanksgiving already, but it does technically occur during the fall season, so it makes the cut. I've always wanted to host a friendsgiving & now that I have my own apartment, it is something I am looking forward to doing! 

Go on a Fall Foliage Drive 
As cliche as this one might be, it had to be on the list. Although I am sure there is a ton to take advantage of in the City during fall, there just is nothing better than a fall foliage drive through quaint little towns and beautiful foliage. Give me a cup of coffee and apple cider donut and I'll be a really happy girl. 

Tailgate a Football Game
This one goes without saying.. because football and fall go hand in hand. And who doesn't love a good tailgate!?

Go to a Winery
Another one that might not automatically make you think of fall, however I think fall would be such a great time of year to spend an afternoon at a winery. I don't know about you but I'm ready to trade in my rosé for some red wine. Pack up some yummy bites and you've got yourself the perfect fall day!

What's on your fall bucket list this year? I'd love to hear - feel free to share below! 

xo. G

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