September 26, 2018

My Picks from Shopbop's Event of the Season Sale

It can't not be a happy Wednesday when Shopbop's Event of the Season Sale goes live! It truly is one of the best sales of the year and is going on for four days... aka plenty of time to find your favorites, place an order, and probably repeat that process again (you know it's true!). I know I say that about what probably seems like every sale, but if I had to pick, the Shopbop sales are definitely my favorite. There is just such a great selection of pieces from all your favorite brands, for various price points and it's (almost) all on sale! You really can't beat it.
These Shopbop sales only occur a few times throughout the year, but I think this one might be my favorite. At this point in the year I am ready for all things fall, so this is a great time to stock up on the tried & true classics and maybe one or two trendier pieces you've had your eye on. Let me tell you, there have been so many new pieces catching my attention lately ... I am going to have such a hard time deciding what to get! Not a bad dilemma to have, but still going to have some hard choices to make because everything is that good!

Gretchen's Top Three Sale Pieces

Good luck out there! And don't forget, the sale ends Sunday. 
Happy Shopping! 

xo. G

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