January 04, 2019

2019, Year of Yes

Resolutions, goals, and to-do lists. I've done them all when past new years have rolled around. I like the direction and tone they set as we embark on a fresh start come January. I think it's so important to set yourself up for success in the new year by reflecting on and then writing down all the things you want to do, accomplish, or work towards in the days, weeks, and months that follow. I plan on doing just that this year as I've done many times before, but I'm also doing something new!

I've never done this in years past, but for some reason this year I felt this strong urge to set an intention for the new year - a motto, or overarching theme of sorts - that will serve as both direction & inspiration in this new year.

2019. You're going to be my Year of Yes.

Yes to meeting new people and making new friends. Yes to new adventures, opportunities, and chances. Yes to stepping out of my comfort zone, trying new things, and saying yes even if it's scary. Yes to continuing to pursue my dreams, goals, and passions. Yes to the big & the small things. To things that will energize & inspire. Yes to love. Yes to leaps of faith, going with my gut, and keeping an open heart. Yes to everything that will continue to allow me to grow & evolve as a person.

Yes to any and everything that will fill my soul, fuel my passion, and make my heart happy.

Twenty nineteen, you are going to be my Year of Yes, and I cannot wait to see where that takes me.

What intention are you setting this year?

p.s. I will be sharing my to-do list for 2019 on F&F Monday - be on the lookout! 

xo. G 

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