January 21, 2019

Five Books to Read at the Start of a New Year

It's no surprise that words have this profound power to teach us, move us, and inspire us. I am a firm believer in their ability to change our lives, especially when they are perfectly crafted to do just that.  I love reading inspirational books all year round and especially at points in my life when I need to learn from their lessons. I am almost always left feeling inspired, with a new viewpoint and a little bit of hope.

 Of course I suggest reading these types of books all year round, or when your heart needs them a little bit more, but I thought that they are also kind of perfect for the start of a new year. Who doesn't want a little (or big) dose of inspiration or a new mindset as we head into twenty nineteen? I know I most certainly am here for it, so without further adieu, here are five books to read at the start of this new year. Some I have read and loved, some I am currently reading, and some are on my list. Either way, all containing words that have the power to change, inspire, and move you. I hope you enjoy!


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