July 08, 2020

Enjoying the Stay with Weezie

A few weeks back when Weezie reached out to express interest in working together to help promote their new french blue piped towels, it was an immediate yes on my end! Weezie is a brand I've been a loyal lover of for quite some time now, so it was a no brainer for me to want to share them with all of you. If this is the first you are hearing of Weezie, I am just delighted to be introducing them to you! 

There were a few things I admired from afar before even getting my hands on their towels. First off, they are a female founded company. I love supporting all the lady led businesses out there, and founders Liz & Lindsey make that easy! They use high quality materials and innovative technology to create all their products, and they truly are leading the way in the world of luxury towels. Bravo ladies!

The towels really speak for themselves! No attention to detail was spared in their thoughtful design & creation. I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and Weezie meets the mark on that front. The second you use & feel these towels you can tell that years of research & testing went into creating the perfect towel. 

Oh, and did I mention you can monogram & embroider everything? That is the cherry on top for me! With nine embroidery styles & fourteen thread colors, the options are endless. For my towels I went with the Hudson embroidery style, which is also a new addition to the Weezie family. I love how classic & timeless it is. 

With all the at home time we have been experiencing and will be experiencing for the foreseeable future, why not make your at home spaces feel a little bit more special. Weezie offers a few different piping color ways - nine to be exact! Between the variety of piping colors, embroidery styles, & thread colors there really is a design for every space. I might be partial to the french blue, but all the colors are so beautiful.

My bathroom not only looks more elevated & luxurious, but using Weezie towels make me feel like I'm staying at a five star hotel. The towels are truly some of the softest & fluffiest I've ever used (& most beautiful - but I feel like that goes without saying!). Travel may be on pause at the moment, but every trip I make into my bathroom now feels like it's own little getaway! Finding joy in the little things is more important now than ever, and these pretty towels having been small sparks of joy ever since I placed them in my bathroom. I am enjoying the stay more now than ever thanks to Weezie

p.s. Weezie also makes the best robes. I bought one back in April & it really was my best quarantine purchase! I highly recommend! 

xo. G 

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  1. I was overjoyed when Weezie contacted me about working together to promote their lovely French blue piped towels. It was an immediate "yes" because I'm a vast Weezie fan. Let me introduce you to this incredible company, Weezie, in case you have not heard of it. Even before I used their towels, I was pleased by their female-led project. Being able to support organizations like theirs is an honor. Weezie is at the forefront of luxury towels thanks to its dedication to premium materials and cutting-edge technologies. Liz, Lindsey, and their crew deserve praise! The nursing assignment writers uk would value their commitment to excellence.