July 11, 2020

Things that Spark Joy: Week no. 12

Trying a new beach outside of the city and really liking it

Sitting inside at a brewery - first time indoors in months!

Seeing fireflies in the park on an evening run

A last minute trip out of the Hamptons for the day

Running with the most breathtaking city sunset - truly in the top five 
of most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen

A trip to W├Âlffer Estate Vineyard

Spending the day exploring Sag Harbor 

A charcuterie & cheese board with wine overlooking the vineyard

A tropical storm that gave us a nice relaxing summer rainy day

Starting a new book off my summer reading list 

My mom's caesar salad - the best in the game!

Finally sharing an exciting partnership & blog post 
that I had been working on

Bumping into an old teammate on the street that I haven't seen
 in over ten years

My neighborhood Starbucks being open again for me to get my pre-work caffeine fix 
& the barista remembering me and my order! 

Finding a new contender for 'best spicy marg' in the City

Hope you all had the best week & took the time to recognize all the things that spark joy around you!

xo. G 

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