August 31, 2020

End of Summer Send Off

It hurts my heart to say this, but with just about a week until Labor Day, summer is starting to wind down. This time of year is so bittersweet for me - as much as I look forward to the change of the seasons & the arrival of fall, summer is just without a doubt my favorite time of year. I have a hard time letting go.  So it's no surprise that I like to squeeze out every last drop of summer! I hang on tight until the very end. 

This year I strategically took off the week leading up to Labor Day Weekend. This upcoming week is like a summer send off, a last hurrah - I figured it would be enjoyed the most with a vacation state of mind! I am thanking my January 2020 self for being so smart! It's almost if I somehow knew having this week off would be more needed this year than ever before.

Below I'm sharing some of the things I'm planning on doing to make the most of the end of this sweet, sweet season. Hope you are finding ways to enjoy these days as well!

Make a key lime pie
Finish off my summer reading list 
Squeeze in as many beach days as possible 
Go to The Place & eat as much as my heart desires
Soak in slow mornings on the porch 
Live in a bathing suit as much as possible
Sit around a bonfire

xo. G

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