September 03, 2020

September Wishlist

Don't even get me started on how I cannot believe it is already September... 

We will leave that conversation for a rainy day, but whether we believe it or not, September is upon us! We are running full steam ahead toward fall, and as much as my heart aches for the end of summer, I would be lying if I said a part of me wasn't a little excited for fall. 

The nice thing about September in New England, is you get a little bit of both seasons. New England eases you into autumn, which I appreciate. It makes letting go of my favorite season a little bit easier, and by the time fall is in full swing, I'm ready for it. 

My September wardrobe always represents this slow transition between the two season. The days still scream summer, but the chilly mornings and cool evenings welcome sweaters, layers, and fresh denim. It lets me wear some of my favorite styles from both seasons, and for that I love you September.

September is truly its own beautiful season - it doesn't belong to either summer or fall - and this wishlist highlights its independence perfectly. Enjoy!

xo. G

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