September 10, 2020

Nantucket Style Inspiration

I always imagined the day I would pack a suitcase with my sights set on Nantucket. In my almost 27 years I haven't been, but I knew the day would eventually come! In my mind, thoughts of Nantucket conjure up pictures of blue & white stripes, chunky knit sweaters for cooler nights, natural straw accessories, and lots and lots of crisp, white linen. It kind of represents my own personal style to a tee, and I have no doubts that from a style standpoint, Nantucket and I will get along quite well. 

Well the day is finally here, my bags are packed & they contain everything I thought they would when I used to daydream about trips to ACK. I will without a doubt share what I will be wearing over the course of the weekend, but I thought why not share my packing inspo. Of course these are not identical pieces to what's in my bag - I pulled pieces from my own personal wardrobe which is a mix of old and new favorites - but they are similar, and they most certainly can provide inspiration if you someday find yourself packing a bag for ACK. Enjoy!! 

xo. G 

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