January 09, 2021

Things that Spark Joy: Week No. 1

The very first 'Things that Spark Joy' post of 2021! The start of the new year is giving me hope for many good things ahead, and these posts will help me to remember them all - big & small. As I mentioned in this post, it is my hopes that by the end of the year I will have 52 'Things that Spark Joy' posts. What a beautiful collection that will be!

No. 1

An unexpected night off from work

Getting to celebrate Christmas with my family three weeks later

Fresh roses in the apartment

Receiving the most beautiful bracelet - a gift to myself for surviving last year

The last few twinkling lights leftover from the holidays 

Finally finishing a book that was a slow burn

A real, crackling fire in the fireplace

Homemade espresso martinis

At home crêpes!

xo. G

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