January 03, 2021

Favorite Things of Twenty Twenty

Last year was the first year I did a 'Favorite Things' of the year post and it was truthfully one of my favorites!! I've decided to make it a year end tradition, as it is such a fun and light way to look back on the year. These posts will without a doubt be blast to read back as the years go on!

Twenty twenty may not have been my favorite year, but it still contained lot of things I loved. Enjoy!

Favorite Albums 

Favorite Beauty Products 

Favorite Books

Favorite Lesson Learned

Favorite Hotel 

Favorite F&F Blog Posts 

Favorite Meal 
Via Carota .. first meal at a restaurant after NYC lockdown 

Favorite Memories
First flight since start of covid, returning home for Fathers Day weekend, trip to Baha Mar, meeting my parents on the Connecticut shoreline in the spring, Newport, R.I., all my summer days spent in Connecticut with my family, voting in the election, runs along the ocean with my mom, getting my covid vaccine... 

Favorite Movie

Favorite New Destination 

Favorite New Discovery
I apparently love a good Negroni

Favorite New Restaurant 

Favorite NYC Memories 
7pm claps for healthcare heroes, watching Yankees playoff games from the inside of a bar, getting takeaway drinks & strolling around the city, 27th birthday weekend, every single run through the park, getting authentic Chinese food in Flushing, picnics in the park, celebrating Christmas with myself in my apartment ... 

Favorite Piece of Clothing 
At home .. Weezie Bathrobe 

Favorite Purchase 
A special piece of jewelry purchased as a gift to myself for surviving the year. One that will forever serve as a reminder to never forget my own strength, my favorite city, and all that 2020 was. It is my hopes to pass it down to a daughter someday.

Favorite Scent 

Favorite Snack 
White Queso .. the real mvp of 2020 

Favorite Songs

Favorite Trip (lol..) 

Favorite TV Shows 

p.s. Use my favorites as a template to make your own 'favorite things' list! 
It's such a fun activity - trust! 

xo. G 

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